Just because it’s the Decade of the Beard doesn’t mean you should let it all go. Sure, the hairy bear look is in in some circles, but we’d bet Manscapers would give Yetis a run for their money in many parts of the country.

At dick & jane waxing in San Diego, we believe in the art of tidying and grooming. If you’re among those males who still haven’t crossed over into the world of gentlemanly upkeep, let us guide you. Below, we break down the Who, What, Where, When, and Why of male waxing.


You. If you have hair, we can wax it. But if you’re someone who feels the need to shave every single hair off the second it pops up, you should probably just keep shaving. Waxing requires some hair growth.


If you’ve never done it before, it’s best to think about what waxing does, rather than what waxing is. But for those who must know, waxing is a process of hair removal by which the hair is pulled out from the root. It doesn’t sound pleasant, we know, but waxing creates such beautifully smooth skin surfaces and tidies up our wild places so nicely that it’s worth the mild discomfort we experience in the process.


Oh dear. A better question might be “Where not?” and the answer to that is…well, wherever hair doesn’t grow. If hair grows there, we can wax it. At dick & jane, we’ll wax your:

Happy trail
Butt cheeks
Butt crack
Bikini (Everything that might peek out of your Speedo.)
Brazilian (The works, people. Yes, including your sack and your crack.)


When you first start waxing, you may need to do it every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on your personal hair growth cycle. Although it can take up to 6 weeks for hair to grow back once it’s been pulled up from the root, not every hair follicle is at full-growth at all times. If you stay consistent in the beginning, you may be able to wait longer between appointments as time goes on.


Because you like to feel clean and tidy.
Because you like smooth skin surfaces.
Because it gives the illusion of extra inches (if you know what we mean).
Because shaving is annoying.
Because your eyebrows are out of control.
Because you’re a competitive swimmer or cyclist or body builder.
Because it looks sexy.
Because you’ve never tried it, and you love to try new things.
Because your SigOth asked you to.
Because why the hell not?
Because _________(fill in the blank)___________


At dick & jane waxing, we’ll do the tidying up for you. It’s as easy as making an appointment. We are experienced (trust us, that’s important), professional (also important) estheticians who know what we’re doing. We also have lots of special offers, including 25% off for first-time waxing services or buy-one-Brazilian-get-one-50%-off.

Give us a call to make an appointment or stop by one of our locations in San Diego or East County.

P.S. We welcome Yetis, experienced Manscapers, and everyone in between.

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